Now Backward Future?

Now Backward Future? is marking a new chapter for me. This statement reflects my personal timeline. Even though I very much live in the present and have an optimistic view on life, there is always the thought of my own mortality and demise in the back of my mind. I have not always had this outlook on life. Only since coming in direct contact with cancer when watching my mom deal with it. Now that experience will always be a question mark for me.
This installation revealed itself to me when renovating this space. Now: the dots and scratches construct an amazing “line drawing” left behind from removing the mirrors that were plastered all over the walls.  Backward: the rusty old compass that signifies my past career as an architect and the pile of shattered glass. Future?: the shattered mirror symbolizes the contents of a broken hour glass.

Now Backward Future?, 2014, glass + mixed media, 68 x 91 x 210 cm (27 x 36 x 83 in), details

© a n d r e w   m.   w e n r i c k 2014